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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have comics other than the ones I see on the site?
Yes! We have thousands of other issues available. We are adding hundreds of unique, vintage comics to our database every week. Please check back often.

I'm having trouble finding a title on your site. What do I do?
Use the official title of the comic book. The official title is found in the indicia, the legalese that is usually found at the bottom of the first page of each comic. These are the same titles used by the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide.

First try searching on the root of the comic's name, for example, "Spider" or "G.I." If you type in "Spider" you will start with Amazing Spider-man. But if you type in "Amazing" you'll have to page through Amazing Adventures before you get to Amazing Spider-man!

Search under the current title of the comic book. Long-time collectors will remember that Spectacular Spider-man used to be listed under Peter Parker. But to find that title in the 2003 Overstreet or at House of Comics, you would need to search under "Spectacular Spider-man."

Referring to Overstreet is your best bet.

How do you list titles with more than one series?
When titles have more than one series, we will add the year to all titles after the first one. For instance, if you search on "Daredevil" you will get the 1964 series. The new Marvel Knights Daredevil series is listed in our database as "Daredevil (1998)." Make sense? But wait, you say. Wasn't there a Daredevil series back in the 40s starring a different character? Okay wise-guy, that's true. We do sometimes have issues for sale from the series published by Lev Gleason in the forties and fifties. But we are trying to design a site that saves you time and clicks. We don't want you to have an extra step where you search under "Daredevil" and then need to see an extra screen and choose between all the different Daredevils and Daredevil mini-series. Besides, the official name of that Golden Age series is Daredevil Comics.

What's this about free shipping?
All domestic orders of $75 and more will be shipped free. Click here for details.

How fast do you ship? Are these products in stock?
We ship within 1-3 business days. All products are almost always in stock, despite their unique nature. There is a miniscule chance an item has sold but we remove items from the database quickly whenever they are sold.

What if there's a problem with my order?
Contact us within one week of receiving your order. We will work hard to make it right. If comics are misgraded, you may return them for a full refund.

Is your shopping cart secure?
Yes. Our cart uses secure socket layer (SSL) encryption to ensure safe and secure online purchasing.

What methods of payment do you accept?
Our secure online shopping cart accepts Visa and Mastercard. If you would prefer to pay by check or money order please email us for instructions.

What about want lists?
Want lists are gladly accepted. Just email us. We have thousands upon thousands of comics that aren't yet listed, plus we have access to thousands more from our partners. Click here to set up your own HOC want list!

Are you buying comics?
Absolutely. We are aggressively buying most pre-1980 comics and selected post-1980 comics. Please send us a list of what you have for sale.

How do you grade comics?
We grade by the industry standard, as laid out in the Overstreet Comic Book Grading Guide. We recommend that you get to know this book and what is and isn't acceptable in each grade.

Here are the grading abbreviations: NM = Near Mint. VF = Very Fine. FN = Fine. VG = Very Good. GD = Good. FR = Fair. PR = Poor.

Do you charge sales tax?
Yes, but only on orders shipping to a California destination. We are located in Berkeley, California and thus must collect sales tax for all orders with a destination in California.

How do I reach you by phone?
You can call us at (510) 847-3376 between 10 am and 7 pm PACIFIC TIME (PST).

What is your mailing address?

Our address is:

House of Comics
1700 Shattuck Avenue #23
Berkeley, CA 94709